Tour de Vance

Tour de Vance 2016 poster by Level 29 Design

Poster by Level 29 Design

Level 29 Design participated in the 2016 Tour de Vance, an all-building open house put on by the tenants of the Vance Building in downtown Seattle on April 7th. Many of the tenants are non-profits or architectural/design firms, and this is a good chance to get to know our neighbors and show off our wares.

For the event, I designed the posters and brochures, and I took over the wall space in the hallway for a pop-up gallery to showcase the new photopaintings I’ve been doing. Most of these were urban subjects — iconic Seattle street scenes, and a taste of the Counter Culture series I’m working on that captures the everyday (for me, sometimes twice a day) experience of ordering coffee in the morning or lunch at a food truck.

The Tour de Vance is an annual event that brings in around 500 people.

The Triple Door

The Triple Door photopainting by Karen Johnson

u+me=we2 (the power of two)

It’s not often that I get to design a wedding announcement, and this is the first time have had to design one for my own wedding! Many years after the romantic decision to spend our lives together, my long-term partner and I decided to make it official. This graphic was used as the theme for our tiny wedding.