Tour de Vance

Tour de Vance 2016 poster by Level 29 Design

Poster by Level 29 Design

Level 29 Design participated in the 2016 Tour de Vance, an all-building open house put on by the tenants of the Vance Building in downtown Seattle on April 7th. Many of the tenants are non-profits or architectural/design firms, and this is a good chance to get to know our neighbors and show off our wares.

For the event, I designed the posters and brochures, and I took over the wall space in the hallway for a pop-up gallery to showcase the new photopaintings I’ve been doing. Most of these were urban subjects — iconic Seattle street scenes, and a taste of the Counter Culture series I’m working on that captures the everyday (for me, sometimes twice a day) experience of ordering coffee in the morning or lunch at a food truck.

The Tour de Vance is an annual event that brings in around 500 people.

The Triple Door

The Triple Door photopainting by Karen Johnson

Friends of Waterfront Seattle

Friends of Waterfront Seattle logoI’ve joined the Friends of Waterfront Seattle, to help with design projects. This group is directing the public interaction with architects and planners working on the vision for the waterfront area once the tunnel is completed.

Here is their mission statement:

Welcome to Friends of Waterfront Seattle. We are a start-up community group created to support Waterfront Seattle, a project that will transform 22 acres along the 2-mile stretch of Seattle’s waterfront from Pioneer Square to Belltown.

We exist to collaborate, inspire, motivate, educate, and raise money to build the project and sustain it. Our purpose is to make sure the new waterfront will be fun for Seattleites, visitors and future generations. Our mission? To make it happen! Please join us.